VIDEo Interviews + Live Performances

Spoek Mathambo
Radical Riddims 2011

DJ Edgar & MC Zuzuka
Radical Riddims 2011

DJ Flore & MC Rodney P
Radical Riddims 2011

Mode 2 - Wall Painting Performance
Radical Riddims 2011

¡RADICAL RIDDIMS! opening party
Radical Riddims 2011


Good Copy Bad Copy / A. Johnsen, R. Christensen,
H. Moltke

Denmark 2007, 59 Min.

On copyright in the times of the internet and digitality,
remixing, bootlegging, mashup, etc.

Andreas Johnson:

É Dreda ser Angolano / Radio Fazuma
Angola 2010, 65 Min.

A radio station as center for the distribution of Kuduro,
the angolan version of Dancehall.

Radio Fazuma:

Favelas on Blast/ Diplo, Leandro HBL
USA 2009, 84 Min.

Documentary on Baile Funk – the music, favelas,
speaker towers, Booty Dance...

Leandro Hbl:

Take Flight / Helton Siqueira
USA 2009, 70 Min.

„It’s not fast forward...“ - about the incredibly fast
Footwork Dancers of Chicago.

Helton Siqueira:

Mzansi / Bart van Dijk
Netherlands 2009, 20 Min.

On the Kwaito Crew A.G.V. from Soweto and the
Mzansi artist Chester from Johannesburg.

Bart van Dijck:

I’m Ugly But Trendy / Denise Garcia
Brasil 2006, 60 Min.

A feminist view on the sexually very explicit dance rituals
in Rio de Janeiro`s Baile Funk and the role of the
women therein..

Denise Garcia Bergt:

Man Ooman / Andreas Johnsen, Rasmus Poulsen
Denmark 2008, 57 Min.

Observation and discussion of the grotesquely sexualised
dance styles of the digital, Reggae-based dance music of
Jamaica. With surprising results..

Andreas Johnson: /


DJ Djeff ft. Maskarado-Elegom „Bounsa“

DJ Cleo „Bhampa side to side“

DJ Mujave „Township Funk“

DJ Mbuso „Soweto Funk“

Buraka Som Sistema „Sound of Kuduro“

DJ Ramatoulaye „Aladji“
(Coupé Cecalé)

Jessy Matador „DÉcalÉ Gwada“
(Coupé Cecalé)

Sissy Nobby "Beat it out the frame"

Sissy Nobby „Like a Hurricane“

Rita Indiana y Sus Misterios „La Hora de Volver“
(Merengue digital)

Big Freedia „Y'all Get Back Now“

Zuzuka Poderosa „Ai Voce Gosta"
(Baile Funk)

Spoek Mathambo „War on Words“
(South Africa House)

Spoek Mathambo „Control“
(South Africa House)

Pastor Mbhobno „Big Up II“

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